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Position of the affirmations on the screen

You will see a box at the top right side of main screen when you open it, which gives you an option of five different areas of your computer screen where you can choose the affirmations to display, I prefer to display them in the centre of the screen, however I know of other users who have a preference for the lower right hand side of the screen.

Changing the font size style and the colour of the affirmations

If you click on the button titled ' change ' you will have the options to choose different font styles sizes and colours. I prefer to use the red fonts, and set the size to approximately 28 point, you will want to experiment with this yourself and decide which colour and font size suits you best

Setting the interval between and duration of the subliminal messages display

As you will see when you change the setting, the interval period that you choose between flashes will determine how many affirmations are displayed each hour, you can read this directly from the dialogue box.

You can set this as low as 1 second between appearances, which means your mind will be bombarded with 3600 affirmations per hour, this setting is probably best used first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh and able to accommodate information more rapidly. I have found its best to increase the interval between affirmations to perhaps four seconds. The second button in that area determines how long each affirmation will flash on the screen, that is the duration time. You will find that using anything from 100 ms upwards to 500 ms you will more than likely be able to read the affirmations, and from 80 ms down you will be unlikely to be able to read the affirmations, although your subconscious will still accommodate the message. I personally prefer a setting of around 100 ms, again try different settings over a period of a few weeks and see what works best for you.

Using the Silent Subliminal test button

The Silent subliminal system sends audio messages directly to your mind. If you click on the test icon this speech synthesis software will repeat the first affirmation from the file you have selected to use, you should hear this through your PC speakers. Next click on the ' click to test ' button, this will tell the

program to check the different frequencies that it uses to send the subliminal messages in audio form, you won't hear anything, however your subconscious will.

Other settings

If you click the ‘run on Windows start-up box’ it will enable Mindzoom to start automatically each time you start your computer.

If you click ‘activate’ the Silent subliminal messaging box it will instruct the program to run the audio files along with the visual affirmations when you start the program, however remember you will not consciously hear the audio messages.

If you want to revert back to the settings you had when you first installed the program click the default settings tab.

Starting the program

Now you're ready to run your affirmations. Click on start, however note that if you have activated the Silent subliminal messages, that is the audio messages, you will see a progress bar boarding, this can take up to 30 or 40 seconds, the program will then start and you should almost immediately notice, depending on the interval timing, the visual affirmations flashing on the screen.

Using the mixer

You will find this option on the upper menu, I will explain this in further detail later. Basically this option allows you to mix the affirmations with your favourite music, even to record your own spoken affirmations.


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